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Enhanced Engagements for an Empowered Well-Being

StarTier Therapeutics offers digital therapeutic services to increase well-being, facilitate directionality, and promote behavioral health.

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Telehealth and digital play services.

StarTier Therapeutics moves traditional Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Play Therapy into our digital world! We offer custom telehealth services which may include the following:

  • Use of online resources limited only by the imagination of the therapist and client

  • Gaming-integrated therapies: use of Minecraft, Roblox, or board games

  • Virtual Reality (VR) for the next-level telehealth experience!

If the client prefers more traditional telehealth sessions, without the all the gadgetry,  that is welcomed too!

Please note: The client must provide their own device for digital engagements (e.g., VR headset or computer)

Enhanced engagements.

StarTier Therapeutics believes blending technology and therapy is not a barrier to connection, rather it builds upon the relationship. The use of digital aids may help therapists meet individuals in their world. This ensures a comfortable and familiar environment.

Technology enables a greater reach of services: both in ways of bridging distances and in bridging connections.

As technology has enhanced the worlds of engineering, medicine, and leisure, technology is enhancing the world of mental health services.

Come as you are.

StarTier Therapeutics is a values-based service. We practice the principles of cultural humility, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, unconditional positive regard, and anti-racism.


StarTier Therapeutics advocates for policies which promote these values. We affirm that policies based on equity and justice  is mental healthcare.

We deliver our own services authentically. We readily accept any label of "geek therapy" and we encourage clients to "nerd out" about their passions, whatever they may be!

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