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Meet Your Therapist
Jeremy Downs, LCSW

During the early years, I  intended to have a traditional therapist’s office: one with a brown couch, a rubber tree, décor with inspirational quotes. My practice would have been by the books. I saw a practice within the mold set by my predecessors and within the form I assumed clients expected. Then the world changed.

COVID-19 measures gave pause to the traditional office. Telehealth services emerged as an adaptive alternative. These measures were thought to be temporary to “flatten the curve.” Like any seismic shift, it required time to adapt to the measures. Then my view of the traditional mold changed.

I began to incorporate more digital resources--from online apps to virtual reality headsets--to enhance telehealth sessions. I discovered that if I engage the client in their world (whether it be within a Minecraft server or virtually in-home) rapport and engagement increased significantly. This also proved helpful for clients who experienced challenges with developing therapeutic connections.  

StarTier Therapeutics was established to capture this wondrous energy that radiates from the melding of technology and mental health. This energy whirs with curiosity and hope. Traditional CBT, DBT, and Play therapies exist within its core, though the therapeutic engagements are now unlimited.     

I aim for the practice to deliver services with integrity: our values to will be uncompromised when it comes to unconditional positive regard, acceptance regardless of background, and commitment to policies which promote fairness for all individuals. I endeavor to help bridge clients to a spark of curiosity and hope. 

What changes are you seeking that we can achieve together?

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